The iProxy

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This site is a web proxy that was inspired by a friend's weblog post carping about the iNvasion by the prefix of the lowercase i, even where it doesn't belong (e.g. iSAPI; iRS). The link to the original post is not presently available per the owner's request. You can probably find hundred's just like it though via your favourite web search.


Note that we neither add nor remove any advertisements while you're browsing an iProxified site. If you're looking to improve your browsing experience by stripping out advertisements, you might be interested in instead. Given rising bandwidth usage; I've decided to include a single advertisement on this page to attempt to offset the differential.


The purpose of this site is to modify in a predefined manner the web site of the viewer's choice, much the same as other proxy software (e.g. privoxy). This site is not related to any other product that contains the letter 'i'. The owner of this site is not responsible for any content on the web other than this single page, entitled The iProxy and which ends with this disclaimer.